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  November 29th, 2018 – happy to be back at Wilfrid Laurier University as a guest lecturer on the topic of aging with optimal health and function.  Much thanks to ProfessorKari Brozowski, Ph.D. and Community Health, Public Health and HealthAdministration for this honor.  This is always a great opportunity to introduce students to evolutionary discordance […]

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It was both a privilege and a real pleasure to have the one and only Dave Bautista train here at Fortis over the last few months (…AND Robert and Jonathan, also working on the same film production). Dave is a world-renowned elite professional athlete – WWE World Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion and Pro MMA […]

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SWIS 2018!  Ken Kinakin has done it again.  Only at this incredible event can you run into THESE TWO GUYS!  Brian Carroll (left) and Dr. Stu McGill (on the right) authors of “Gift of Injury”.  Too many Superstars of our industry, renowned PhD’s and famous World Record holders to list who were present at this […]

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So proud to be a sponsor for Ken Kinakin’s SWIS 2018.  That’s the “Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists”.  In a completely unregulated industry, this 3-day event is a much needed shining light of efficacy and science.  Ken’s event literally leads the world as a source of the greatest information on training, nutrition, rehab and all […]

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We get approached often by people who want to hold seminars or group training.  We tend to be very discerning as we only want the best for our members.  Marko Vukovic, a friend of our gym for years now is one such individual.  Marko inquired about offering one on one or small group classes for […]

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Fortis Fitness Annual member-appreciation barbecue – Friday, September 14, 2018.  Thank you to all of our members and friends who dropped by!  Huge thanks to our suppliers and friends for the catering and awesome food! Cinq Foods (catering, Paleo dishes, salads, dessert, etc.) Black Angus Fine Meats and Game (Bison, wild boar ribs, elk) […]

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Gotta post a HUGE THANK YOU! Pretty sure I suck a little less at this now… Competed for the first time in the IBJJF Novice International Tournament in Las Vegas this past week with fellow teammates at the Masters Worlds competition. Honored to win a Silver medal. Can’t thank my fellow Primal and Body of […]

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We have two visitors from California: Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum (MD) and Leah Lutz. Jordan is an Elite Powerlifter in the 90kgs division with a 640lbs Squat/430lbs Bench Press and 725lbs Deadlift. Leah is a member of the US National Powerlifting Team.   #FortisFitness #FortisEquipment

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We are always astounded as to the pure tenacity and levels of physical fitness and strength of today’s pro hockey players.  Elite athleticism exemplified.  These guys are all fantastic role models for everyone.  Honored to have these NHL/AHL hockey players at our gym:   Mike Liambas San Diego Gulls Rich Clune Toronto Marlies, Nikita Soshnikov St […]

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