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What are the fastest, strongest, most athletic men and women on the planet doing? Pro-athletes, Olympians... how do they train to reach their elite physical condition?

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Powerlifting Seminar at Fortis Fitness April 29th In-depth technical analysis of the big 3, and current research trends in sleep and nutrition. Register/Inquire: $65.0 Pre-Register $75.00 At the Door #FortisFitness #Powerlifting #Heathly #Life

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A % of every entry fee we received from the Spring Sacrifice power-lifting meet a few weeks ago was donated to a kick ass cause – Bullies in Need ( @bulliesinneed ).  This homegrown organization is based here in Toronto and primarily focuses on banned breed rescue and fostering.  In addition to the $530.00 we […]

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One of the most interesting workshops we have ever conducted here at Fortis Fitness, headed up by” Wim Hof” method master trainer, Steve Beattie.  Steve introduced us to the proven methods of Mr. Wim Hof and how to successfully disassociate fear and panic from reality through these astounding methods.  We proved the effectiveness of these […]

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Longtime Fortis member, Omar Isuf (we hear he’s got like…a Facebook page and even more stuff happening on the Interweb) digging our Paleo Bars.  The healthy, all natural Paleo bars are courtesy of Cinq Foods, our favorite caterers.  Yes, it’s true, Cavemen and Cavewomen would indeed eat these things tens of thousands of years ago.  […]

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The WIM HOF Method With Certified Instructor Steve Beattie The 4-hour workshop will focus on the fundamentals of the WHM. Whether you have been practicing WHM for months already and want to fine-tune your technique, or you are new to the practice and don’t know where to start, this workshop will help you establish a […]

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Thanks to all of our wonderful members for attending our Gym Barbecue on September 8th and also to Ninette, Daniel and all who helped us out.  Special thanks to the Meating On Queen and the awesome Plaza Family for the artisan, sausages made with farm fresh, natural ingredients including only pastured meats. We love these […]

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Clinical Powerlifting Seminar- Fortis Fitness. Toronto, Ontario- Wednesday August 23rd- 6pm-9pm Regular price$40.00 Default Title ADD TO CART Come learn the invaluable tools of movement assessment, as Dr Jordan Shallow D.C breaks down the sport of Powerlifting lift by lift, and teaches you how to navigate your way to the platform injury free. This seminar will […]

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Mark Bell Seminar at #FortisFitness

The incomparable MARK BELL.  All the way from sunny California – live and in person at Fortis Fitness for one of our largest and most successful seminars ever!  July 6th, 2017.  Huge thanks to Mark for an extraordinarily inspiring and informative talk and to all who attended.

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The Mark Bell Seminar is now completely FULL Attention:  All of our guests and members who have RSVP’d and are attending this Seminar We have VERY limited direct parking.  Nonetheless, there is much street parking and some parking lots in the vicinity of our gym and within a short walk.   If you are driving PLEASE, […]

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Mark Bell, Fortis Fitness, #FortisFitness

Mark Bell is coming to Fortis Fitness! Mark Bell is best known as a Powerlifter who has appeared in the documentary Bigger, Faster, Stronger. His best lifts are 1080 lb. squat/854 lb. bench (578 lb. raw bench)/ 766 lb. dead-lift. Mark holds 3 US patents for his products the Sling Shot and STrong knee sleeves. […]

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