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What are the fastest, strongest, most athletic men and women on the planet doing? Pro-athletes, Olympians... how do they train to reach their elite physical condition?

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  Fooling around with some ballistic bench press movements with a “gerry-rigged” but actually really fun set up in one of our racks. Worked great, felt even better. Literally throwing the barbell away as hard as possible and then rebounding hard against the overs-speed eccentric. We’ll try this for 3 weeks and see what happens! […]

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“Fantastic article for really understanding the dead-lift from elite trainer and competitive power-lifter, Chris Fudge” Considerations of training for the “odd man out” of powerlifting – The limitations of the deadlift Introduction Hip hinge, rack pull, block pull, Romanian, stiff-legged, straight-legged, deficit, hack lift, hex bar, trap bar, snatch grip, isometric deadlift, hybrid, wide […]

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  Great to have these guys drop by our gym! Igor Opeshansky Igor is a competitive natural Physique competitor winning multiple competitions. He is better known by his YouTube channel VirtruvianPhyisque where he shares informative content on health and fitness. Dr, Eric Helms Eric is as a PhD in Strength and Conditioning, Masters […]

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Ms Health and Fitness Our very own Ninette Longsworth has been nominated for Ms Health and Fitness! She has spent decades working out, collecting power-lifting records, staying healthy, strong, mobile and beautiful (inside and out), all while raising 3 beautiful children with her husband. She is also 50 years young and the grandmother of 1!  […]

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Immense congratulations to Antoine Vaillant for his exceptional 4th place finish at the 2018 Toronto Pro Show – IFBB Toronto Pro Bodybuilding competition.  This was one of the most elite, toughest line up of competitors on the planet and Antoine has again secured his position as one of the best of the best in the […]

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Powerlifting Seminar at Fortis Fitness April 29th In-depth technical analysis of the big 3, and current research trends in sleep and nutrition. Register/Inquire: $65.0 Pre-Register $75.00 At the Door #FortisFitness #Powerlifting #Heathly #Life

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A % of every entry fee we received from the Spring Sacrifice power-lifting meet a few weeks ago was donated to a kick ass cause – Bullies in Need ( @bulliesinneed ).  This homegrown organization is based here in Toronto and primarily focuses on banned breed rescue and fostering.  In addition to the $530.00 we […]

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