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  Well, it looks like last Saturday’s Daily Bread Food Bank’s “Spring Drive Thru”  food drive was a smashing success!  Cars were lined up all day!  We have no doubt that is partly because some of you fine people showed up to help out the less fortunate.  You always seem to rise to the occasion […]

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  Once again, our members come through in the clinch with astounding results! This is why you people are the BEST! Your kind donations allowed us to deliver over 30 beautiful winter coats and outerwear, scarves, boots, medicine, and food to the Good Shepherd. Someone even donated his/her “Manchester United” toque to this great cause! […]

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Thanks to all of our fine members who so kindly donated winter coats and other items to help the homeless! We don’t want to mention any names…”ahumm”…Denise Mader, Jon Vlahogiannakos, Joseph Cheng, William Montgomerie and many others (sorry, NOT sorry!)  Your kindness is highly appreciated by us, Good Shepherd and especially the folks who will […]

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Please help us out this winter with our Good Shepherd clothing drive! This benevolent organization has helped feed, shelter and clothe the homeless for decades in East Toronto.  This winter, they desperately need the following items – new or used but clean and in great condition: Men’s winter coats (most needed!) Winder hats Gloves […]

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… and yes, we’ve been cleaning, painting and we re-built our Weightlifting platforms, etc. in anticipation of your return. BUT…we have also been extremely busy building this “floating” 2nd floor STRUCTURAL STEEL MEZZANINE above our existing turf.  Now our members and clients, including the track and field folks, football players, Olympians, etc. have a straight […]

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To all of our wonderful Fortis Fitness Members: We miss all of you! We have been getting our minds off of this by cleaning, painting, disinfecting, and renovating parts of the gym over the last few months. For example we have completely re-done our Weightlifting area including these new oak platforms and re-built rubber tiles. […]

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The denial of a properly outfitted strength gym for our members has created an obvious dilemma for many – both mental and physical.  This email is an attempt to provide a real solution to this problem. We understand that if you are a member at our gym or any proper strength facility for that matter, […]

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Learn how to arm wrestle and impress all your friends at your next get together 💪💪💪 World Champion @devlarratt will be hosting our first seminar of the New Year and teaching you how to arm wrestle and how to train for arm wrestling in the gym. There will be a practical component as well as […]

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